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Welcome to Mitco Water Laboratories Limited

Mitco Water Laboratories Ltd. was founded in 1970 in Trinidad jointly with our Managing Director Sidney Johnson and Mr. Donald Mitchell (USA) as an affiliate of Mitco Water Laboratories, Inc. in Winter Haven, Florida.

Today Mitco is a total local entity and the longest established Water Treatment Company in Trinidad & Tobago and the English speaking Caribbean. From very humble beginnings Mr. Johnson established Mitco by selling the “custom water treatment concept” to clients in preference to importing proprietary blends. After approaching the local hotel, commercial buildings, soft drink, ice, food and plastic manufacturers, we established a vibrant customer base that received personalized water treatment which maintained the integrity of their plant and machinery such as they never knew before. We are proud to say that most of our valued customers from the 70’s are still with us today.

We provide quality custom water treatment for comfort cooling towers, industrial cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loop and chilled systems, disinfection and purification in industry and municipal systems including wastewater plants.

A Member of American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago Water Quality Association
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